Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Interlaken has been great. The hostel is clean and the town is really cute. On the first day Nicole and I hiked up Harder Kulm. Today we went canyoning, which was a really cool experience. We got to slide down natural water slides cut into the rocks by water, jump off of rock cliffs, repel, and zip line. The water was freezing and so we all wore wet suits and 2 jackets over the wetsuits. It was beautiful in the canyon and it is too bad I have no pictures, but for anyone who is curious try on Youtube searching Grimsel canyoning to get an idea of what I did. It was possibile to buy a video but I decided I didnt think I would ever watch it. We also went biking along lake Thunersee and found a park where Nicole went swimming in the freezing cold water and the locals clapped for her because she was so brave. I stayed on dry land but got plenty of photos, one of which captures a sailboat surrounded by a halo of crepuscular rays, which is my favorite photo I have taken so far. We also found some ruins by the lake and biked along a tree lined river, which was my favorite part of Interlaken. Unfortunately, photos do not do this place justice, especially photos of the water. The water is amayingly clear and bright but also has a milky, almost opaque quality. nicole says she heard it is because of the glacier runoff that the water is so clear.

Nicole and I in a pretty Interlaken field

The view from Harder Kulm

Me standing about half way up the climb


  1. Sounds Great! Why are all your 'day' words spelled 'daz'?

  2. I think it's because she is using a German keyboard and it's different than ours.