Monday, July 4, 2011


Florence was great. I got up early and got in line at the Accademia before it opened. There I saw statues and art, including the David statue. The statue is really impressive in person and you can see all the details like the veins in his hand and and his muscles. The statue was larger than life and really great. I spent a lot of time in Accademia and luckily didnt have to wait in line long to get in since I got there so early.

I also made sure to go to the Uffizi, where I was the Annunciation, Primavera, and the Birth of Venus, among other famous artwork that I didnt necessarily recognize. It was interesting but by the end I was getting a bit tired of art (I spent probably 5 hours in museums that day by then). I decided not to stay in Florence for the night and spent my last 45 minutes walking along the Arno and touring the piazzas sight seeing. It was really beautiful and I wish that I had my camera battery working to take some photos.

Today I am going to do some errands in preparion for class starting tomorrow. I am excited to start!

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  1. I can't wait to hear how class is going :)